Only one will earn the King's Favor. Will you be victorious?

The King has commissioned a magnificent castle that will span the ages. The guild that builds it will be blessed with riches, power, and renown for all time. Your guild is ready to answer the call and claim the rewards by any means necessary!

Alas - equally clever and devious guild masters of the kingdom are also vying for this opportunity. You must out-recruit, out-build, and out-maneuver all of them if you want to get ahead. Stay vigilant! As you construct the castle, the King will make inspections. If he discovers your scheming, he will strip your guild of its influence and resources.

Only one guild will earn the admiration of the King. Will yours be victorious?

Take ownership of a Guild!

CastleScape: Gates and Guilds gives players the ability to assume the advantages of various guilds in the kingdom. These guilds each have unique powers that will help them in their quest to gain the king's favor.

Will you be honorable and upright? Or will you be devious and corrupt?

The choices you make affect every part of your game, and only the cleverest player will gain victory.

What is CastleScape?